DLibrary, is the market leader in digital product photography, hosting and distribution services.

For two decades DLibrary has been providing digital assets for catalogue and digital media production supporting Supermarket, Pharmacy and Liquor Retailers
and now we have a new home.

As of 2 February 2018 DLibrary was acquired by GS1 Australia Ltd and will be merged into the GS1 Smart Media service. Smart Media has been developed in collaboration with major retailers and brand owners and provides digital assets and data content to hundreds of brand owners, retailers and buying organisation.

The DLibrary and Smart Media services will continue to operate without disruption for your product photography, content creation and Smart Media hosting needs. If you have any questions, please contact GS1 Australia Smart Media team on
(03) 9550-3423 or (02) 9695-2227 or email via smartmediacontent@gs1au.org


Images of supermarket, pharmacy, liquor and fresh food are stored in DLibrary


Manufacturers are represented by DLibrary


FMCG and grocery space images are stored on DLibrary

DLibrary is

Simple & Effective
Save Time & Money
Consistent imagery across multiple channels
The centralised image and content resource for all FMCG & Retail channels
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