DLibrary, is the market leader in digital product photography, hosting and distribution services.

For two decades we’ve been providing digital assets for catalogue and digital media production supporting Supermarket, Pharmacy and Liquor Retailers

DLibrary is an online library that contains product imagery and packaging content data for marketing communications. The service helps ensure branded products are consistently and accurately represented. We create, manage and distribute digital content for FMCG, grocery, liquor and pharmacy products for use in print, point of sale, online and television campaigns. Retailers, Suppliers, Publishers, Advertising Agencies, or anyone who needs digital product content can easily search and download them from DLibrary, for free.


Images of supermarket, pharmacy, liquor and fresh food are stored in DLibrary


Manufacturers are represented by DLibrary


FMCG and grocery space images are stored on DLibrary

DLibrary is

Simple & Effective
Save Time & Money
Consistent imagery across multiple channels
The centralised image and content resource for all FMCG & Retail channels
Take DLibrary anywhere

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